Over the past decade, mobile base station can be said to be in the frenzied development. In most cities almost every 150 meters to 200 meters will have a communications tower.  At the same time as the city's rapid expansion, the radio and television transmission tower which originally is far from crowd has become the heart of the city.

    In addition, high-voltage power lines and substations are also gradually extended to the residential areas. Electromagnetic radiation is posing a serious threat on people's health. How to build a healthy living environment has become a major issue facing the world.

    Our laboratory is committed to the study of electromagnetic radiation, including the radiation of household appliances, high-voltage power lines, radio and television transmission towers, high-speed railway and trains, and mobile communication base stations.

    In this process, we worked on electromagnetic radiation protection of the region and shielding design, such as the implementation of open-type shielding model with multi-layer in indoor substation, the shelterbelt design and construction along outdoor substations or high-speed railways, the communication base station electromagnetic radiation protection, and integrated design of the whole buildings. We also study the magnetic shielding using the multi-point method in high-speed trains and common vehicles. 

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