High-speed railway shielding program

The characteristic of high-speed railway is fast and high density traffic. The power of high-speed train locomotives are generally more than 20000kw. The current carried in in traction power is very large, and magnetic field exists along the rail way.

1.    High-speed railway shielding program

High-speed railway shielding program is similar to outdoor substation shielding. The implementation of high-speed railway shielding program includes forest protection belts and protective devices also. Shelterbelts generally involve the issue of trees in four seasons, involving multi-layered arrangement of trees. We must also consider the extension of branches and leaves of the small density, and their impact on electric field, but also consider the height of the trees and the thickness of protection and so on.

Shelterbelt has a good shielding effect on the electric field. But it is no use to the magnetic field shielding. Special magnetic protection devices need to be installed in the middle of the forest shelterbelt. Magnetic field shielding facilities are mainly based on the magnetic field distribution along rail way. And then using high permeability devices construct an open-type model structure with multi-layer, through which the magnetic field will be the guided and restricted.

2.    High-speed train shielding program

Since the train is running at a very high speed, it results that on top of the train a large current power supply grid is needed. The high-speed train is very close to power supply grid, a relative large magnetic field has been detected in the train. If no active protection program is taken, it will bring the potential health impact to passengers.

We research magnetic field distribution in high-speed railway vehicles and shielding methods of the train vehicles. We research the application of open type with multi-point protection system in high-speed train and its implementation. Through multi-point shielding system the magnetic field inside the trains can be controlled and absorbed.



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