The main research areas :

(1) Electromagnetic radiation protection theory and simulation model for residential, as well as electromagnetic numerical calculation, and etc ;

(2) A variety of electromagnetic band propagation characteristics and shielding mechanisms;

(3) High-voltage power line and substation magnetic shielding, the implementation of open-type shielding model with multi-layer in indoor substation, the radiation mitigation along outdoor substation and high-speed railway using shelterbelt;

(4) Magnetic shielding method using the multi-point model in high-speed trains and household vehicles;

(5) Electromagnetic radiation protection of radio transmitting equipments, such as the GSM base stations, the third generation mobile communication (3G) base stations, microwave relay stations, WIMAX base stations, repeaters, as well as radio and television transmission towers and other equipments;

(6) Electromagnetic shielding design of residential buildings integrating new building material and protection methods;

    Hope that every family has a bright and spacious, comfortable and healthy home space.  


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